Northwest Jutland Art in New York review

Northwest Jutland Art in New York
Exhibition: Of 166 exhibitors there are 11 are from Thy, Hannæs, Mors and Thyholm.
Written by Villy Dall
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Foto text: One of the north west Jutland participants, Karen Sennefelder from Langvad ,is seen here in conversation with gallery owner Steve Cannon.
NEW YORK : There were up to 250 guests for Saturday's vernissage of artmoney exhibition in New York, which has 11 exhibitors from the North Jutland out of a total of 116 exhibitors from many countries.
Mentioned: the two exhibition organizers, Karen Sennefelder , Langvad and Anne-Mette Lehrskov -Schmidt , Taebring and Kjersti Andersen, Nr , Bierthe Kirsten Eriksen Christensen, Nykobing, Pia Christiansen Jegindo , Ane Marie Foget , Lyngby , Annette Falk Lund, Amtoft, Mike Skott Pedersen, Taebring , Andreas C. Rosmon , Thisted , Ann Mai Lunde Roge, Hanstholm , and Karin Rojkjaer, Koldby .
The exhibition takes place in the Gallery Gathering of the Tribes 285 East Third, East Village, New York City by owner Steve Cannon. At the vernissage played Carmen Moore, just like former Jimi Hendrix once came here to play. Former first lady Hilary Clinton, senator of the state New York and Secretary of State - and perhaps future democratic presidential candidate -  is known to visit the gallery, which is known as "the heart of art of Manhattan" and "the last true bohemian place in New York".
Steve Cannon is a retired professor of literature and has had the gallery for 40 years, Karen Sennefelder and Anne -Mette Lehrskov -Schmidt tell in a few emails from New York.
The opening speech at the vernissage was held by Lars Kraemmer, Copenhagen, Denmark. He is the creator of the concept artmoney.
Artmoney is a work of art - or a banknote - 18 times 12 cm and at a value of DKK 200, approx. 40 US dollars.
The start was in 1998, but it took 15 years before artmoney really took off :
' It has been an uphill battle against art elite, against bad economy , against technical problems and against the state , which sued him in 2005 for illegal use of the word "bank " in the Bank of International Art Money ( BIAM ) ' , the initiator previously told.
He also said that the project since 2005 has grown dramatically and today counts more than 1,000 artists from more than 40 countries. Shops and businesses worldwide registrate as artmoney receivers and trade lively with artmoney as currency. Shops and the like accept the procentage of the payment in artmoney , which they feel is sustainable , typically 30-50 percent.
this has been translated from danish to english.