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Good News! After a year and a half, a group of volunteers, and a handful of contributors...Tribes #14 is ready to hit the streets!

It's packed with lots and lots of great art, poetry, fiction & essays. We are trying to raise funds in order to finish printing and get these magazines out to you.

All we need is enough pre-orders to get the magazines back from the printers. You get updates from us and an invitation to the magazine launch just for ordering the magazine and supporting us. If you want to help more, then you get one of our Fly By Night Titles, a small sample of which are here. Even more help, and you get one of the lovely pieces of artwork donated over the years to Tribes. Best of all, and really, most necessary, you can donate a whole lot and spend some quality time with a contributor - really, though, it's being a patron of the arts that's important. We need to keep this magazine going, and we really need the whole goal to do it, so tell your friends!

Everything you contribute is tax-deductible, since A Gathering of the Tribes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

If you want to order extra copies of the magazine, just add another $20 to your donation and indicate you want it, in our poll.

If you'd like more information about who we are and what we do here, and to order previous issues of the magazine, please go to

"The Blind Guy" - Steve Cannon