Lee Klein reviews Jeff Koons

Is as he is even better than real thing or does or did offer the semblance of an unreal thing as the real version of the unreal thing while having the real thing as the real thing which as it is the real thing combats all the unreal things. Moreover all other caramel based pop beverages attempted to come back to ask the same question now once again posed by her grace Lady GAGA of Central Park South.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pco91k...roVgQ

I want to punch back from behind the punchlines after reading headlines and meet all deadlines. It would not be that one is saying that the art is so cold as to be dead but to look backwards and then to took look ahead. One of the heads of this time is mine and another is named Jeff Koons and not Lee Michael Klein, tough into his reality this ready made Gucci sunglasses misplaced in he must climb and help to define.

Even better than the real thing, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yrch66gdjjk&feature=kp

So as is as he a consumerist Dadaist, with a license written by both corporate branding and Duchamp himself to say hey where is, what is the commodity here…… Is he a real Dadaist or neo dadist or neo neo dadaist or are he and Daman H. even better than the real thing? And who is the real thing? David Hammons of course (who is a dog in a blanket Duchamp wrapped up in Beuys)? Robert Gober? Not Bidlo? But we all live for the applause , plause we live for the pause, pause ...

So we walk into the Whitney as the cement land bridge over the downstairs well of Breuer’s brutalist structure become the virtual platform of our shifitng artworld reality as the museum itself switches venues to the meatpacking district’s new Piano packaging. . We have to move historically from print ads to the enshrined vaccum cleaners which are headliners who once picked things up like hop on hop off tourist buses do (even if the guide does not). Floating basketballs submerged in fish tanks will always be his it is all here like a family reunion of narcisstic pop. Even the balloon dogs are staged as if for catering. So Warhol pointed us in the direction the obvious that the stars were products made by the machine which also had to produce the ready mades.. And so down the road there would still be ready mades yet to find and then ready mades which would have to be combined.

Koons has oft stated that growing up as a boy his father was an interior decorator and he observed how things were placed and this has played into the practice of his art . Here the placement of these pre-placed within themselves works were in turn placed by Scott Rothkopf who has been lauded for his placement of them among others the New York Times Roberta Smith. However placing them into history comes from an entirely different place in itself so perhaps people and the placement of things is what it is abou;t but are they better the real thing copies of plastic objects are flesh made plastic untouched by the artists hand but what about an art which takes us out of that real and returns us to touch or the sense of tactility of texture?