In the Tradition of Ai WeiWei poem by Steve Cannon

In the Tradition of Ai Weiwei by Steve Cannon 9.25.14

In the tradition of Ai Weiwei


And the tragedy that bestowed the town of Ferguson

Shall I name the names

And draw pictures of those who found themselves dead

At the hands of the authorities

Trigger-happy cops

Or better yet shall I like Ai Weiwei

Write the names of those who lost their lives

When the shabby buildings

Collapsed in china during the earthquake

Or when flight 17 exploded over Ukraine

Took the lives of 268 people who have yet to be named

Let alone those up in Canada among the aborigines,

The women who have been murdered over the last 10 years.

Lets not forget those who lost their lives

During the earthquake in Haiti

Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

Sandy in New York

Ebola Crisis in Africa

Then what good is all this suffering

What’s the use

What does it mean to name the names

When in our hearts of hearts we all know that something should be done.