Poetry Project by Giavonna Levene

Essay for poetry project

The Poetry Project is dedicating to keeping the love of poetry alive. The organization offers many opportunities for poets to come out and display their creativity. Some off the programs include workshops, special events, and much more. The Poetry Project serves as an outlet for many artists by showcasing a variety of talented individuals. They strive to keep the appreciation of poetry alive by providing a community for artist to express thoughts and ideas. With its diverse audience the organization offers a welcoming feeling. So if you have a love for poetry or you would like to just work on your craft The Poetry House is the place to be involved in.

Stacy Szymaszek the director of was able to share on the organization is ran and also who are some of the people involved with it.

1. How does the organization make the decision on who is going to perform or read at each event? Is there a specific criteria?

The performers vary base on the day. The criteria can be viewed on the website . http://poetryproject.org/curatorial-statements/

2. In terms of Ethnic groups what percentage of writers are

African American, Asian, Hispanic or Other?

We don't have exact breakdown by group but a realistic estimation is 25% of the writers are people of color.

3.Whats the age range of the writers?

21 to very old.

4. Do all writers that are invited have to be published or no?

A book isn't necessary but I would say everyone has some publication history in journals and mags.

5. How much do are the writers paid?

(Stipend) Mondays/Fridays $100-150 and Wednesday’s $150-250. If the writer is coming from outside the tristate area they get more for travel.

6. Who funds the organization?

The organization has many funders and can be found on their website. http://poetryproject.org/about/funders/

7. How does the organization raise funds themselves?

End of the Year Appeals, Membership drives, board giving,Benefit events, cultivation parties at board members homes.