Chris Ofili by Giavonna Levene

In the New Museum Chris Ofili's works on the second floor consisted of 3 major rooms. The first that you come in contact with is CHRIS OFILI NIGHT & DAY which gives a description about his life. Right across from that is his work of Afromuse (couple). The work consisted of Afromuse (couple) 1995/2005 which is 26 depicts watercolor and pencil on paper & also untitled (afromuse) 1995/2005 which is 64 parts. The work was inspired by the ever growing cast of character in the artists large scale paintings.

In the following room is Annunciation 2006. His sculpture is the annunciation story from Gospel of St.Luke. It's the story of the angel Gabriel meeting virgin Mary to tell her she will immaculately conceive and be the mother of Jesus. In another room there were paintings that are made out of acrylic oil leaves glitter polyester resin map pins and elephant dung on linen. All of the works in the room do not consist of that materials, but they do follow the colors of red, black and green.

My favorite one out of all his works is Afro green, Afronirvana 2002. This body of work explores the idea of paradise. It encompasses the idea of Garvey that Africa is a utopia and people will want to escape there. You should definitely take a trip to The New Museum when you have a chance. It is certainly worth the time.