One of Brooklyn's uncountable best-kept secrets is Gallery Gaia at 79 Hudson Ave. in Vinegar Hill. To its growing devotees the small, charmingly ramshackle space is the funkiest art spot in the cultural hot pot of Greater Dumbo. It's held a consistently solid series of shows, all the more remarkable given owner-artist Ursula Clark's almost recklessly democratic spirit in awarding space to interested exhibitors. Most recently on view, "Samsara" by Hong June Park, a multimedia meditation on healing, via paint, glass and assorted colored fluids. Gaia is also a notable case study in cachet by word of mouth, especially with Gaia's at best spotty publicity habits. A recent innovation is a monthly reading series from neighborhood celebrity poet-erotic fictioneer Tsaurah Litzky, which has been delivering the proper ratios of intimacy and punch. Last show saw Carol Weirzbicki and Jim Feast andin two sets between flinty and tender.