Girls Trip Debuts on DVD, Tops $100 Million at the Box Office

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There hasn’t been a group of friends this stylish and likable since the “Sex in the City” movies. Movie watchers get to see and experience the partying, laughs and see behind the curtain as the group of four friends get ready for a few nights on the town away from home and responsibilities. Girlfriends reunite for a whirlwind weekend of parties, drinking, men, and great fashion in the movie “Girls Trip”.

Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith lead an all-black female cast of leading ladies in the blockbuster movie. The film was released for digital and DVD viewing on October 17. The movie uses comedy and a mix of drama to recreate an unforgettable girl’s weekend experience that friends of any (adult) age can relate to.

Latifah, a 90’s rapper turned actress, starred in one of the highest grossing movies of her career with the box office sales leaping past $100 million in the United States and seeing the same success worldwide. Pinkett-Smith, who also has a long movie and TV career, did a great job of playing a single mom addicted to schedules and hand sanitizer. There was a lot of laughs poking fun at Pinkett-Smith’s character Lisa, who was too obsessed with her kids to get a boyfriend or make time for sex.

Actresses Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish also star in the film. Hall’s character Ryan is an Oprah-like celebrity focused on being “real” and keeping up appearances. Haddish played Dina, a sexed crazed woman with a short temper. Haddish did a great job of holding up the comedy and crazy fight scenes. Shondaland produced “Private Practice” and “Grey’s Anatomy” TV alum Kate Walsh also added comedy in her supporting role as Ryan’s agent Elizabeth. 

“Girl’s Trip” is a fun movie fit for girlfriends of all cultures. There is plenty of drinking, debauchery, and wild partying when a group of old friends known as the Flossy Posse reunite for a weekend of fun at the Essence festival in New Orleans.

Choosing New Orleans for the film was a great idea since the city is known for Mardi Gras and it’s wild party crowd. There’s also plenty of tourist attractions included in the film including New Orleans famous Bourbon Street, hotels and the French Quarter. One of the funniest scenes of the movie includes the group of friends zip lining between hotels.

The live performances at the Essence festival from Diddy and other musical performers during the film added the party element with live concert footage from the event. Overall the movie was very enjoyable with lots of laughs and jokes aimed at men and women in and out of relationships. 

“Girls Trip”  is the work of blockbuster movie maker Malcolm D. Lee. He previously produced “The Best Man”, “The Best Man Holiday” and “Undercover Brother”. Lee’s savvy producing has led to success at the box office with all of his films.

The formula Lee used in creating “Girls Trip” was classic romantic comedy and “chick flick” but it works in keeping the viewers attention and the storyline moving. The humor and camaraderie among the friends definitely compares with the 2011 blockbuster hit “Bridesmaids”.

“Girls Trip” offers more diversity among its cast than “Bridesmaids”, giving women of color a movie where beauty, success and fashion is celebrated.

The storyline was great but there were a few little issues with the dialogue. Some of the script was a little choppy and unnatural for women of color. There was mention of a “camel toe” a term understood but not typically used among black women. While the movie is written for mass appeal, the main audience is women of color. In spite of a few small places where dialogue was slightly unrealistic, the dialogue was good and typical for a comedy of this type.

The storyline was very believable. Latifah and Pinkett-Smith were the best actors in the film. All of the other co-stars did a great job at delivering the comedy, but in some scenes it was obvious that Latifah and Pinkett-Smith were more skilled than some of the other actors in the film.

The music in the movie was great. In some parts of the film, the comedy was so strong that you don’t even pay attention to the music. Laughter tends to overshadow even the best music.

Another great addition to the film were plenty of male R&B singers and actors who served as eye candy for the women.

Overall, I think the characters bring laughter and fun while celebrating women and the struggles they endure. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has a close group of friends or a desire to have them. I am giving a thumbs up to “Girls Trip” and casting my vote for a sequel.