Pussyology and Afterbirth


As I was sayin' papichulo
My pussy’s got a name
But you don’t know it / never bothered to ask
Then again, you weren’t formally introduced
You encountered her in midnight manic madness
And thought you had conquered her / as you bore into
Surrounded by red light special candlelight
And it was a delight / just right / yes alright and all night
With dialog in between / orgasmic manic screams
As I was sayin' big papa
My pussy’s got a name / she ain’t a honey or a dummy
Though you treat her as such just the same
You really need to check that shit
And know that my pussy’s got a name.
My pussy’s got personality
Likes and dislikes / preferences not gendered based
She welcomes the lips of sistahs or brothas
Who can appreciate her sweet salty taste
When it comes to the brothas condoms suit her just fine
And she’s most bellaca, when she’s flowing with thick red wine
Yes, my pussy’s a special kind / a distinctive kind of pussyness
Who loves being gently caressed / with soft or calloused fingertips
Before the boom boom and bang bang
As I was sayin' papi lindo
My pussy’s got a name.
And she is proud
Proud of her identity / proud of her heritage
She comes from a long line of tough mamas
Her features resemble the features of
her mother and her mother and her mother before that.
Her outer lips are deep shades of brown guarding
A pure inner pinkness but since you never
Explored her / you don’t know her distinctness.
The daughter or an oppressive legacy
My pussy knows suffering, sexual slavery
Memories of dirty fingernails tearing into her
Tender hairless flesh / flashbacks of dry abrasive / you call that sex?
Coerced into fucking furies from which she could not escape
My pussy has known trauma / war / disease/ / rape
She’s known pain / my pussy’s a survivor / my pussy’s got a name.
You see, it’s more than just a matter of simple biology
We need sociology to understand your macho pathology

So listen and learn as I break down my pussyology
It may be raw but I make no apology
My pussy is multi-faceted / a deep dark mystery
She is a universe of eyes / eyes that hide deep inside
Her African bush / like an army of fierce warriors ready for battle
Or a million medicine women ready to heal
Heal your soul / your body / your mind
Your mind that has been programmed to fuck fuck fuck and fuck some more
Fuck just to fuck / fuck to forget / fuck cuz you’re tired / or bored
Fuck to relax / unwind / fuck just to ease the tension
cuz you’re stressed / fuck cuz to you a drought is a day
fuck cuz there ain’t nothin left to say / fuck to conquer / destroy
fuck just to feel like you the man / so you can stand a little taller
fuck just as hard and as fast as you can / thinkin my pussy likes it
or maybe not givin a damn / fuck just to fuck / fuck to forget
fuck to forget the pain / not seeming to know or to care
that my pussy’s got a name.
my pussy knows the art of love
she’s got the eyes of a baby dove
and wonders what you’re thinking of
My pussy likes jazz at midnight
salsa at noon / hip hop at daybreak
she likes to be romanced and swooned
she really digs sunsets and gazin at the moon
sometimes she’s timid / sometimes she’s mad cool
she listens to Bob and Nina when she’s feelin blue
she prefers cotton to satin and lace
her clit’s got such a pretty face
but you wouldn’t know
my pussy’s got a soul
feelings / hopes / dreams
she loves the salt of the ocean
and the sweetness of the stream
My pussy’s a little moody
sometimes up sometimes down
sometimes wild sometimes tame
above all papichulo
you will never know her name.




Now papichulo,
I don’t know about you entering my pearly gates
But I’m flattered by the praise / the adoration
Of the yoni
The great mother of civilization
But let’s analyze this conversation
As you wipe away the perspiration
I don’t mean to dis but I must insist on some insight
Some clarification
I don’t know what to make of your verbal ejaculation
This lyrical penetration
That’s made quite a pinga sensation
Your belated attempts at compensation
When what my yoni demands is validation  liberation
Being wined and dined is no substitution for revolution
Being put on a pedestal / being pampered and pacific
Havin my need to be free / denied
Ay please, your pinga will never keep me satisfied
My yoni is multi-dimensional
Impossible to capture like a butterfly
Whose wings will never fit into your
sucia y santa / puta / princesa dichotomy
why can’t you see?
That I’m just sayin, I will not be reduced to a single organ
An entrée to be consumed and later discarded
My dreams and ideas disregarded by pingas who are coldhearted
No soy sucia, ni sant
No soy puta, ni princesa
I am a woman who claims her birthright to be free
Can’t you see
This ain’t about you and me
It’s about patriarchy
Let’s trace the history of sexual slavery
Hear the screams of all the yonis who have been violated
Hear the boasting of all the pingas who perpetrated,
Who desecrated the sacred heat of the almighty yoni
You’re so phony, full o bologna, how dare you mock the sacred yoni
Your caballerísmo can’t negate your machismo
Can you dig my ritmo, papito?
I’m ain’t askin' you to reform but transform
So we can take the world by storm
Cuz word is born

The yoni will once again take her rightful place in the universe
The end of the reign of the phallus
The sword shall be eclipsed
By the chalice

© María Teresa “Mariposa” Fernández