group d'etat:
movement without moment — is not
revolution — it's just

where in the mass arrest
is the alignment
of shadow's interference
on solistice

does the organism contain itself
before consuming its own mass
is that where disobedience comes from
to inspire change by way of deflection
to inspire reach by way of personal god
the unreachable blog

                        the further I can't touch you
                        the easier I can rest
                        and I'm so tired these days
                        and that's the point

is the noise that happens by waiting
as loud as the one inside the ears
the one that unravels revolution
by gear-wrenched creed that whittles
doing out of done

the organized paradigm:
we were halfway through a conversation
in our life together and then suddenly
you disappeared

             is that movement 
                             or noise

            I don't need to know so much about you
            I don’t want to be burdened by connection
            I do impossible very well