Turkey Legs and Cotton Candy

Sweaty palms.

Chest pounding.

Clenched hands held tightly to my chair.

His eyes were upon me, it was not an evil expression yet not friendly either, he knew who I was, he knew me all my life, the fact that I was even in this house and awaiting his daughter to come downstairs meant I was respected more than most eighteen year old guys in this Podunk town of florida. He was the preacher at the local baptist church and had the most lovely daughter I had ever laid eyes on, she was thick at the waist with an incredibly well formed ass and nice supple perky breasts with bullet point nips, long dark natural red hair, freckles on her chest, and the cutest lips, I pictured those lips for weeks around my smooth thick cock everytime I jerked off, including a few times in the church's bathroom, shooting cum all over my black dress pants, I had to wash the shit off and wait till my pants dried, by that point the sermon was over and on my way out I bumped into her, she had a smile that was innocent yet naughty, it was her eyes that conveyed her acknowledgement of what I was doing in the bathroom for so long.

"Hi Samantha" I shyly said with a bit of a nervous chuckle, why do I do that? Fucking anxiety!

She just stared at me....

"How would you like to take me to the fair in two weeks"

My eyes turned to fucking marbles at the very thought of holding hands with her and sitting next to her thick ass on the ferris wheel.

"Absolutely fucking yes!" I said.

She laughed and her cheeks turned rosy red with amusement with my foul language excitedness.

Fast forward two weeks and here I sit, horny, nervous, ready to get out of this holy hoodoo preacher mans house and into the night of of lights, smoke, and maybe sex with his daughter (hey I can dream right?!)

She walked down like an angel from heaven, except this naughty angel sported devilish colors, short shorts red as fucking hell it self, a tight breast squeezing black tank top and red low converse with no show socks.

Her legs looked delicious, at that moment I wanted to just absolutely ravage her body on the stairs of the preachers home, maybe even have him join in, I could peg his ass too, line them both up and in & out both their holes, Lube it up with his holy water he had sitting on the living room table.

I greeted her and I tried to hurry out the door pulling her along, I was stopped by a firm grab on my shoulder that pulled me back.

"Look Ryan, treat my angel like a gentleman, I like you, you seem like a stand up young man, have her back by 11pm and make sure she eats something!"

"Yea yea he knows daddy" she kissed him goodbye and we were off....

We drove through the early night on the lonely florida highway towards the fair.

Silence mostly filled the air.

I took a chance and just blurted it out, to this day I was surprised by my ballsy statement.

"I'm horny as fuck Samantha"

She slipped a hand onto my thigh and
Leaned across the shifter and licked my cheek, "me too" whispering seductively, I briefly looked away and kissed her on her lips, good god she smelt so fantastic, I wanted to fucking eat her pussy right there in the passenger seat.

I kept my cool and we drove on towards the brightening lights of the local shitty fair.

I parked aways back from the crowd incase we ended up making out or hopefully fucking.

We walked hand in hand and rode a couple rides, played a few games, but hardly any conversation.

Night was getting late but out minds were else wear, she seemed to be zoning out and from my perspective losing interest, I felt heartbroken that I was not giving her a good time.

The smell of food reminded me of my duty to feed her, which now I didn't feel like doing since she was staring at other guys we passed, even turning around to check out their ass.

I was getting pissed, and I was still horny as fuck.

But I had a backup plan, she didn't know me, she had no idea what kind of animal I was, nor my plans for the future.

I ordered a turkey leg, then bought some cotton candy.

I suggested that we eat in my car and call it a night, she looked so happy I suggested it, and our seemingly boring date was at an end, but not before she got a free meal from my fucking money.

I unlocked the car, and we both got in.

She sat there and looked out at the lights suddenly uncomfortable from her body language.

"Daddys little angel huh" I said matter of factly.

She looked at me with evil cunt eyes, "take me home ryan"

Of course the night was not over, not until I busted a nut to this preacher daughters cunt and ass.

I pulled out my phone and asked "do you like dick?"

"Fuck you Ryan!"

Ive been watching you for months and followed you on every seemingly innocent date you have been on, I've watched you get fucked in every hole, and suck 19 cocks in that time.

I figured I deserved a little fun with the preachers daughter too before I leave for college tomorrow.

She got ready to open the door and walk home when I turned the video on and showed her my good detective voyeurism. "I have 20 more vids like this you french perfumed cunt"

"What the fuck do you want Ryan"

I smiled evily....

"Fine i'll fuck you, but know this, you are a shitty lame fucktard loser who can't get a real piece of pussy given to him"

The crowd was dying down and we were the only car left as the fair employees went to their trailers for the evening.

She started undressing and Iwatched in pure pleasure.

"Your small dick is not even going to begin to enjoy me" she lashed at me with pathetic words.

"Everybody at school knows you are a shrimpdick" she smilled at me hoping it would hurt me in some way.

It was true, I was small. But I would not be fucking her with my cock tonight, my fun would be had through her pain.

"Spread your legs bitch"

She closed her eyes and opened wide.

I cant lie, her pussy was gorgeous, very nice pink thick lips.

I took the turkey leg and inserted the bone inside her first, it was hot and greasy. She opened her eyes and looked down at the turkey bone inside her. "What the actual fuck????"

"Shut up cunt" I yelled.

She tried to back away but the doors were locked, she started saying words and talking but everything went silent as I was enjoying this beyond what natural pleasure was. My sadist side was well hidden in daily life, but now I could fuck this church whore how I imagined and get away with it unscathed.

I played in her pussy for awhile, then flipped the greasy oily turkey leg around and slowly pushed it inside her, she must have accepted the situation, she covered her eyes with her forearm and just moaned as I shoved it in. It took a few minutes but her pussy took it all in and I started fucking her with this huge turkey leg.

I was hard and enjoying her moans of pain and maybe possible pleasure?

I brutally pulled it out of her pussy and ordered her to turn around and face the car door window, She accepted her situation and obeyed my command.

I fingered her nice round thick white ass and then put two fingers inside, she moaned as her face hung low.

I ripped off some of the blue cotton candy and shoved it in her ass and swirled it around inside with my three fingers, She squirmed around clearly uncomfortable, I finally pulled it back out and let her ass just gape open.

I sat back and admired the view.


"Get dressed"

She turned around and put her bra undies and clothes back on.

Surprisingly she didn't cry, too bad...

"By the way, I didn't forget your dads rules. Time to eat up bitch."

She looked surprised as fuck.

I handed her the cold slimy turkey leg.

"Eat up, and you better eat it all."

She obeyed and slowly started eating the flesh that had been up inside her intimates.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard small cock, I started to masturbate as she continued eating.

As she got close to finishing I was about to bust and reached for the cotton candy that had been in her ass, not wanting to make a mess in my car I came all over the cotton candy and let out a gasp, alot of cum oozed all over the candy.

My cock softened and I noticed she was staring out the window, "hey! Don't forget dessert babe"

She started to cry now. God yes! The tears finally! What I had wanted.

She took it from me and ate it.

She consumed the cotton candy that had her ass juice and my cum all over it.

I looked at my watch, 10:38pm.

"Lets call it a night then" I said.

I started up my car and headed back to the preachers house, I felt powerful, in charge, and totally satisfied at what I had made this seemingly not so innocent cunt endure.

She would never forget her turkey leg fucking fair date.

On the ride home she looked traumatized, too bad, poor whore Samantha got what was coming her way ever since she went against her dads wishes and abandoned the bible.

Fuck! Maybe I just did the lords work? Maybe he used me like a prophet to smite this smelly cunt?

I laughed at the thought of it.

We pulled up to her home and I unlocked the door, she grabbed her things and hobbled up towards the house, limping no doubt in pain.

I waited till she disappeared inside.

I drove off towards miami with my clothes already packed for college.

I never saw or heard of Samantha again after that.

I got away with my sadistic righteous punishment.

Although I vaguely remember a friend from my home town telling me she had turned vegetarian.