The Path


After two and a half years, a Gathering of the Tribes is proud to announce its Anthology of 50 poets and 50 artists called WORD, has been released into the world. And due to popular demand, Tribes is in the process in doing a second printing of the above. This edition will be available on our website. BUY NOW!

Up to now, as planned, two books of poetry have been released, one by Luciann Berrios and Joanna Sit. And hopefully, before the end of this year, Tribes has a minimum of 4 or 5 books to be published by other writers: Molly Kirschner, Poonam Srivastava, Vipin Bharathan, Melanie Best, Audrey Dimola, Chavisa Woods, Melanie Goodreaux, Elisabeth Watson, and Jessica Slote.

Over and above that, Steve Cannon, director of the Gathering of the Tries, who is now in his 82nd year, is proud to announce he is working on his memoirs, which will take another 2-3 years. Tribes will be having release parties for these books of poetry. And for those who don’t know, Tribes has discontinued its print magazine in favor of this: an online publication – an internet magazine sharing Announcements, Reviews, think pieces, and pieces of poetry and prose.

The above are the activities that Tribes will be involved with over the next several years.

Obviously A Gathering of the Tribes will need funding to bring the above to realization. If you or anyone you know can make a contribution, it would be ore than appreciated. Tax deductible donations at this address: 

Or send a check to:

A Gathering of the Tribes

745 E 6th St. #1A

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With Love,

Steve Cannon