Dark Days

My heart aches

It breaks and breaks

My thoughts run at the speed of light

My head hurts from pure fright,

It’s true that I knew that I’d lose the battle

But I fought with resilience and bravery

It’s true that I fell right off the saddle,

But I climbed and reached out aimlessly

I climbed mountains

I searched oceans

I dug through the depths of the ground to see…

To see myself in Mother Earth

To see myself in purity

I bathe my soul in an eternal fire

And arise from the dark with urgency

The skies embrace me,

They hold me close and caress me

They kiss my temples and rub my head gently

And with all this security,

I still want impurity

Mother Earth can’t show me what the darkness has showed

But in all the darkness the light within me protrudes

And defies the iniquity

It defies the wickedness that has showed itself a wonderful companion

It gives it a hug and kiss, say’s its goodbyes

Because they are only friends sometimes