Why the Fight?

I pledge allegiance to the
blood soaked flag of the
Members Only
states of Un-America
and to the chaos,
environmental destruction
and War for which it stands
one morally bankrupt nation
lawless under god
with liberty to fuck with
whoever we want

I pledge my worship
to the Constitution……
Burnt to ashes
resting in pieces
the hear no see no
speak no mind
govt sworn to uphold

I Cross my heart and
hope to die to save
corruption extortion
cock block the planet
from becoming free
steal the world
into greedy fat pockets
so nobodys got nothin

Aching soul coughing
walking glass coffin
hiding from truth
that’s all been re arranged
the only kind of change
economy in chains
grip tighter
crawling underneath
hunt for nickels pennies dimes

I pledge my fealty
hoodwinked blind
pick my lesser evil
picking thru trash
democracy a mockery
the 99%
take a back seat to the
blanket our dissent
all seeing eye
shrouded in fear
privacy imprisoned
on every street corner

live and breath
feed the beast
map the genome
of Ur desires
sold to the lowest bidder

Take from everyone
float back nothing
bloat filthy corporations
churning out demise

Status quo
house on fire
nailed to the floor
nothing ever changes
nothing’s the same
spiraling down
the depth so insane

politics of nothingness
glanguage so inane
Beaten down
broken down
they cant put down the flame
soul fire
wild fire
world on fire

Up the fight
freedom peace
the human right
to common sense
kingdom of heaven
an earthly plane
buck this world of pain
I’m going thru changes
I am not the same
nothing to lose
I am the news
its my world
it is arcane
U’ll find who and
how and why
the fuck I came!!!

Why the Fight!?