BlacKkKlansman Review

Hate conversation and racial slurs were a small part of the tactics Colorado-based undercover detective Ron Stallworth used to infiltrate the Klu Klux Klan in the 1970’s. The true story of the African American cop is the inspiration for the comedic and shocking Spike Lee directed film Blackkklansman.

The new critically acclaimed film is one of Spike Lee’s best, contending with his 1990’s blockbuster movies (Malcolm X, Jungle Fever), pushing the limits on social issues including racism, community and police brutality.

The reality-based comedy Blackkklansman wasn’t all laughs. Lee uses real footage of past and current racial issues surrounding hate groups to start and end the film. The footage doesn't allow viewers to forget that racism and hate is real and has been a problem for a long time.

The action filled comedy takes movie goers on a rollercoaster ride as Stallworth makes friends with the notorious hate group and its leaders. Stallworth used the telephone to make his initial contact with the KKK and partnered with a white officer to bring his undercover mission to life with a series of meetings. Blackkkansman is filled with suspense as the comedic mission turns dangerous for the officers when the KKK plans to do harm to citizens are discovered.

Actor John David Washington (Ballers) also son of award winning actor Denzel Washington, gave an amazing performance as Stallworth, the police detective determined to stop the KKK from committing hate crimes. Washington makes you care about the mission and provides great comedic delivery of his phone impression of a white racist discussing race and hate with former KKK leader David Duke. Washington gave viewers a taste of his acting ability transitioning in the film from comedy to action and even romance as his character Stallworth begins to fall for a pro black college student group leader while undercover.

The supporting cast also made the Blackkklansman enjoyable to watch. Adam Driver (Girls) gave a great performance as Flip, the white Jewish officer who helps Stallworth execute his plan to go undercover in the KKK. Legendary actor and musician Harry Belafonte also joins the cast as Jerome Turner to tell stories from the civil rights movement.

Blackkklansman serves as entertainment, a history lesson and a warning to viewers to be aware of those who hate. I recommend this movie for all generations to see, discuss and see again. Beware If you’re looking for mindless entertainment, this movie will force you to think and take a look at what is happening in the world we live in today.