Cornelia St. Cafe, June Performance

--didn't go by the last day, ran away i think cause its almost unbearably sad and difficult--all those wonderful performances, an elegant funk home--when i think of a reading george held and i did, to about 7 people, after 9/11: with the great psychologist jerry bruno and carol, his wife, toasting 'to the living'--

and the performance with pianist stephanie stone, the extraordinary performance with saxophonist noah howard, and how princess margarethe of denmark bought my book, of seeing barry wallenstein and john hicks, of the nites of pink pony, of 4 horsemen curated by bob quatrone, of gordon gilbert's themed nites,  of this past may performance, the one you came to (hallelujah!)hosted by danny shot,poetry/jazz  of m.l.liebler, me, and multi-instrumentalist daniel carter, of the solstice show, this dec. 21st, curated by kathryn adisman, the theme: 'ghost city.'

-the list goes on, on and on, names and dates i've forgotten,

but were an intense vivid and you-always-think-it-will-be-there in deep indigo, mirrors, the tiny magic stage--

maybe, maybe--like the song says, 'some other spring'-- for the ghosts, and onwards, 'for the living--

did stop by around 6:30 pm jan 2nd: most of the fixings and furnishings gone, but chairs piled high against a wall--

bought two--so, if you visit, you can sit, in a bit of cornelia st cafe'