I Suppose by Serena Castillo

Suppose I stayed with this guy?

Maybe I would have a nice house and a fancy car

I wouldn’t have to work

I wouldn’t have to stress about unnecessary habits

and school

Suppose we didn’t break up?

I would be graduating by now

We would have been living together

It would have been six year in November

I don’t regret him

I don’t regret leaving

Suppose I never met him?

Would he have been my Prince Charming; would I have still been his princess?

There wouldn’t be heartbreak

Suppose I wasn’t stressed?

There wouldn’t be any more pain

Suppose I never got the chance to smell the Caribbean blends?

The chicken foot soup

The curry goat

The rice and peas

Suppose I never got the chance to hate someone the way I hated you?

If I hadn’t banged my hands on the dash board

Broke a few necklaces

Kicked my feet against the car window

Suppose I never got the chance to meet you?

Your short dreads at the time

Your smile

That jumpy pep in your step

Suppose I never got the chance to love you?

Gave you hugs in bed at night

Shared my headache

Showed you the true me

For you to give me a great beginning to a wonderful ending.

Suppose I had grey hair?

My eyes low


Sleepless nights

Missing you

Suppose I had only four fingers?

If the bursts of smoke flies from my mouth aren’t stressful enough

Suppose I didn’t have three children?

The sun filled joyous summers

Red, blue, purple, pinks all surrounding on my kitchen table

The fast breeze of the trees, flying past the windows

Suppose I never met you?

Where would life have taken me?

Your soft touch when you hug me

Your soft kiss

Your sweet lips.