Agnes Martin//Kerry Marshal Reviewed

On the surface, it feels as though it would be difficult to draw parallels between the works of artists Kerry James Marshall and Agnes Martin. Marshall, whose 35 year retrospective “Mastery” is being mounted with powerful effect at the Met-Brauer, frequently uses a collage style of composition that is at once disarmingly simplistic in appearance and “masterfully” executed to offer up his perspective on the black experience in America.

Richard Rorty’s 1998 Book Suggested Election 2016 Was Coming

[M]embers of labor unions, and unorganized unskilled workers, will sooner or later realize that their government is not even trying to prevent wages from sinking or to prevent jobs from being exported. Around the same time, they will realize that suburban white-collar workers — themselves desperately afraid of being downsized — are not going to let themselves be taxed to provide social benefits for anyone else.

Millennialism or Extinctionism?

The Libertarian presidential and vice presidential nominees, Gary Johnson and William Weld, are drawing votes from the Democratic nominee for president. This is because members of the Millennial generation, voters under 30, who believe that the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee are equally evil, are casting a protest vote for the Libertarians.

John Farris, Bard of the Block

Crossing Tillary Street against the light on April 29, the day of the memorial service for John Farris, my foot catches in a crack, the bones twist out, my ankle cracks, the devil wins at craps. I have a sudden vision of John last time I saw him about a year ago.

Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad

Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad is a recent addition to an arguably saturated market of slavery-fixated media. Nevertheless, Whitehead’s intelligent and exquisitely written prose distinguishes the novel from other artistic meditations mining similar historical material.