The Stoop continues every Friday in November!


Every Friday of the month!!

on Gander.TV! 6-8pm

Prof Steve Cannon will be workshopping (Bob Holman will be in & out due to traveling this month). Take a gander at this geezers as they make poems out of air & give ‘em away for free.

Stoop Poetry Workshop @ A Gathering of the Tribes
w/ blind professor Steve Cannon & non-blind professor Bob Holman, Artistic Director of Bowery Poetry Club((The Stoop was the MFA (Make Fantastic Art) writing workshop of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe from 1991-5. Founded and led by Professor Steve Cannon and Bob Holman, it aimed to give a free space for new work for the poets who were making a name in the heady days when the Cafe just reopened and Slam, Hiphop and Multiculti all settled in at the Friday night slams. Roll Call went something like this: Paul Beatty, reg e gaines, Tracie Morris, Willie Perdomo, Dael Orlandersmith, Ed Morales, Ra, Edwin Torres, Dana Bryant, Mike Tyler.
Tune in LIVE at (We will post every weeks event the day of)

OR drop by live 745 E 6 St #1A, or phone in your poems 212-777-2038. )

This will be ongoing! 6 wks through November.
$125 prepaid for ALL 6 weeks, check/cash/money order/paypal (payable to A Gathering of the Tribes & tax-deductible)
Send all your poems to with a letter introducing yourself. Workshop limited to six poets, so you’ll get lots of personal attention. This workshop will be broadcast live on Gander.TV so you’ll get plenty of public attention, too.

Poetry Project by Giavonna Levene

Essay for poetry project

The Poetry Project is dedicating to keeping the love of poetry alive. The organization offers many opportunities for poets to come out and display their creativity. Some off the programs include workshops, special events, and much more. The Poetry Project serves as an outlet for many artists by showcasing a variety of talented individuals. They strive to keep the appreciation of poetry alive by providing a community for artist to express thoughts and ideas. With its diverse audience the organization offers a welcoming feeling. So if you have a love for poetry or you would like to just work on your craft The Poetry House is the place to be involved in.

Stacy Szymaszek the director of was able to share on the organization is ran and also who are some of the people involved with it. Continue reading

Another look: Keiichi Tahara touches the light By Sihame Bouhout

Another look: Keiichi Tahara touches the light.

“The Light of Japan, is always veiled, has nothing in common with the one in France, very sharp and piercing. And the nature of light, I am sure, have an impact on the landscape, people and even the language that we speak. ”

When you are born in a city you are used to seeing things a certain way, and you always expect the same things, like an old married couple. Everything becomes so familiar that many details escape your notice. Everything becomes ordinary and you will need other eyes to see the extraordinary.

Those precious details are often better seen by a guest in your city, a guest that will open your eyes to a complete and different perspective. He will make the city his and will take you on his own very personal tour. Continue reading

Morocco: Rabat, New Capital for Art and Culture by Sihame Bouhout

Morocco: Rabat, New Capital for Art and Culture by Sihame Bouhout

Morocco always has been a destination of inspiration for artists: Matisse, Majorelle, Delacroix, many of the beat generation…But what about Moroccan artists?

When a country has been through the complicated processes of colonization; or its closest version which resulted in its status called a “protectorate” for Morocco. It is not possible to draw comparisons between its development and that of Western countries. Too much history has slowed down its maturation. Opinions are divided as to whether the cultures and histories of either Europe or Africa can claim positive or negative outcomes. There is no clear answer; the question will remain. But it left scars of corruption and political instability that are undeniable. Continue reading