East Village Eye Reviewed

The East Village Eye is in the high-brow section of what’s happening in New York City for its recent provocative discourse. The magazine that published all that was fit to print about art, music, books and politics in the East Village from 1979-1987 is back in business this month at Howl Happening for “It’s All True: The East Village Eye Show” lasting until the ninth of October along with a brand new special edition of the magazine.

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It’s All True: The East Village Eye Show

Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project is pleased to shine a light on another important source of East Village social and cultural history: The East Village Eye. A monthly magazine published from 1979 through 1987,The East Village Eye focused on popular and avant-garde culture, politics and other issues relevant to the East Village and environs.

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Folks Got Lit in Support of Literacy, One of Many Obstacles Facing Incarcerated Teens

Last week Friday, a West Village photo studio was transformed into a hub of empowerment for #GalinskyLIT, an effort to  help fund libraries and education initiatives in NYC jails and prisons. But if the word “fundraiser” inspires images of gold-plated table spreads and celebrities in sparkly gowns posing in front of hot lights, well, you’ve got the wrong thing in mind

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A Wall Street Whodathunkit

Michael Lewis was certainly not the first Wall Street insider to wake up with a conscience one morning and write a kiss-and-tell book to get a mind-bending revelation off his chest: Banks collude with the government and financial “experts” to rip you off. Whodathunkit, huh?

Rousing the Rubble

Say, U are into modes – in your solitude – the A train – Coltrane – The F train – The D – straight to Queens – traveling undersound of Jazz – Like, Jazz me, Jazz me baby, all night long!