The 14 Permutations of the Estonian "I" set to Indian Music by Vijai Maheshwari



Set to Indian Music


m a

minu ma

ma minu minuna

minuna minu minuga


ma minu minust minuta

minu minus minust minus minuga

ma mind minul minule minult minuna


m a

dha ma

mi nu ga

ni dha ma

mi nu ni ma

ma dha re ga pa

ni ni ma dha ni sa ma



me my

ma minu mind

in, inside and outside

minusse minus minust

with me, without me; take me

minuga minuta minuna minuni

to want to have to give me

minule minul minult minuks


mind minu minus minusse minuga mind

minult minuga minule minuni minuni

ma minuks minule minusse

minuna minult mind

minuta ma minuga

minuta minuni

minult minust


m a


from Tribes Issue 6