Platonia - Land of Nows

It is not known who made the first clock nor when. The same can be said for works of art.What is the relationship between clocks and art? Both are signposts of temporal distance. The title, "Platonia" references a controversial theoretical physicist, Julian Barbour whose ruminations on the nature of time are influential to the concept of the exhibition. He has concluded that time itself does not exist as anything other than an illusion. He calls his universe without time and only relative positions 'Platonia' after Plato's world of eternal forms.

Each individual moves at a different pace. Sometimes a pace differs a fraction of a second other times by hours. Pacing has to do with ones relationship to the clock. Why are some people early and others late, those who linger and those who leave. Slow speakers, fast speakers, eating speeds and attention spans are evidence that our internal clocks are not ticking in unison. To find your pace or speed is an important part of knowing yourself. People move to the city, others go to the country some do both. People set their watches ahead while others set them behind. There is no right or wrong way to calibrate the internal, instinctual pace to that of the collective outside world.

Twelve young artists sense their relationship with time by making a personal "clock". Not quite a functioning clock, but an invitation to evaluate their pace. Starring works by Steve Cannon, Georgia Elrod, Joseph Ferriso, Jason Grabowski, Andreas Gurewich, Beth Livensperger, Sven Loven, John Oswald, Douglas Peltzman, Michael Raphael, Charles Shedden, Eric Trosko and Jason Wurm. Tribes gallery will be a land of nows, all different and self contained. Each "clock" expressing a different now, functioning at a different speed.

A Gathering of the Tribes, 285 East 3rd St, 2nd Floor (between Avenues C and D)
Hours: Monday - Friday 12pm - 5pm or by appointment (212) 674-3778 Opening Reception: May 8th: 6-9 pm / Closing Reception: June 5th: 6-9 pm For additional information contact Joseph Ferriso at (917) 774-4563 or