Minuit De Lacroix


Tijuana, Mexico.




Caution dictates further murder

Revenge will make things right

Behind the curtain

A storm is breaking

Above a tempest in the night

No sign of insanity

or did I speak too soon

Remorse is hanged in silence

Reunited with the moon

She's as neurotic as an empty dish

of sweet resentment...

Half crazed with grief

Suspended in disbelief

Estranged obscene obsessions

Withholding false confessions

Deranged reconciliation

Replaced by new sensations


      We're such stuff as dreams are made of

      And our little life is round

      With a sleep open your mouth

      Land your sound let it drip out

      Heed my wail elemental spirits

      I sail the world alone

      Calm the tempest, lull the seas

      For the voyage home


The soul survivor

Threatened with torture

Reveals his fortitude by biting out his tongue

And then,

Pretending to have some explanation to write down

Requires a knife

With which he stabs himself

Out of curiosity

To see the various stages of the underworld.