A Review Of Tribes

stevie stevie stevie (rascal),You did an amazing job with tribes. We did an amazing job with Tribes. I learned so much. You gave me the much appreciated opportunity to get experience running an arts organization. My friends from Christie's  were all answering phones for galleries and here I was running a gallery, meeting and booking folks in the arts, and putting out a magazine. Tribes got invited to press previews at the MOMA, first night for members at the Whitney, and got invited to NYC dept of cultural affair events. Steve and I for Tribes went to a few suppers at NYU. The experience was a privilege that I earned with my work and your help.

I agree with your take. I arrived at Tribes and chased out the parasites. Tribes office computer and phones were not going to be used for free. We would tell people to use a payphone or go to a Kinko's. We put a lock on the office door.  I told Steve to charge for the Friday poetry workshop - The Stoop. I wanted folks to only have a gallery show after they got funding. And have the curator stay around for the show and not leave the work unprotected and holding Tribes responsible for the cost if anything was damaged or stolen. If Steve was going to the Knitting Factory to listen to Butch, I would tell the folks that they should have money to pay their cover charge.  Why was Steve picking up the tab?  I had a constant battle of folks exploiting Tribes and Steve.  I had to wonder what all the alleged friends were doing about Steve's health, hygiene, expense of the place, and not stopping folks from exploiting him? I still laugh about the time I sent Steve to the Nina Clinic dentist office next door for a teeth cleaning. I dropped him off and got a call when I got back the office. They were laughing. Steve had false teeth and would need denture tablets. The folks hanging out and waiting at Tribes had known Steve for years and done nothing. I got into clean up mode after meeting him.    I would confide to the board members, Vipen, good listener Norman, Hal Sirowitz, Kathy Arnoldi, David Henderson, Bob Holman, Samantha Coerbell, Jenny Seymour, Patricia Winter, and Al Loving and his wife about how Tribes was being used. You had trust fund bohemians screaming poverty - asking for a Tribes event booking-and doing nothing about getting funding. They took but NEVER gave back. I remember telling Steve that Vibeka had something on a website and she mentioned Tribes. We gave people chances and I thought that out of gratitude and having some class, that they would thank Tribes. Only the talented established ones did. I wanted some new writer to be booked for tribes and in the magazine so when their books got published, Tribes publishing an excerpt would be mentioned. I wanted Tribes to establish credibility.  Folks would keep performance places hidden from us yet request that they use Tribes for their work. Steve and I would question why the person never mentioned the free use of a space. Steve would be itching to write a play and use that space. And then you would have folks insisting that we give someone a show or put them in the magazine just because they wanted to be booked by that person for their event.   I did want some charlatan not accepting their lack of talent or not having a career in the arts and using Tribes as a platform.  Their work would cause Tribes to loose credibility and having invited someone with their check book to help be put off with the event and not offer to help. We went to black tie art events and without the interference from someone not accepting that they could explore other outlets, Tribes could have been well funded long ago. I got tired of the egos, fighting, and fighting with Steve. I wanted Tribes to be the cool hip place where new and established folks in the arts showcases their work. It takes courage to put your work out there but you have to be realistic. Using Steve and begging Steve for a poetry reading or to be in the magazine or have a show or curate a show should have been earned or have the person respect the refusal. Tribes was not the only place to showcase in NYC. I remember asking Steve who he really thought had talent and he mentioned people who are thriving in the arts today. He asked me who I never saw around. I would mention the folks who I liked and knew that if their names were booked for a Tribes event, we would get credibility and a crowd. And then Steve said, they were the ones with talent. They were not hanging out at Tribes. They were away working ,writing, and creating art.

as Steve would say blu blu blu blah blah blah ...Thanks. Take care. Renee