December Calendar

Thursday, December 3rdNew Views of Everyday Life On View all of December

Loie Hollowell presents a body of paintings that take a personal, slightly invasive, yet always telling look at everyday live. Hollowell's subject matter primarily comes from personal experience. Although personal, the characters and settings appeal to a universal viewer, slipping somewhere between the subjective and objective.

Saturday, December 12th, 9pm Will McEvoy Brings Jazz

Tribes continues. . . . two great groups, late night hang like always Flin van Hemmen-drums Brad Henkel-trumpet Kenny Warren- trumpet David Grollman-drums. Will McEvoy-bass Improvised. Is that a trumpet I hear?

Wide open. No one leader. All support Play, Drink, Discuss and Hang until Steve kicks us out. Look forward to it!! BRING SOMEONE ALONG, we’re sure they’ll have a good time.

December 18th & 19th at 8pm and 20th at 9pm An Evening with Melba Phelps Belk

Written by James D’Entremont.

With Christine Donnelly, Richard Sheinmel and Nomi TichmanMelba Phelps Belk is a character created by James D’Entremont and embodied by Christine Donnelly. Delivering a lecture in an evangelical church basement, Mrs.Belk gives the audience a comprehensive look at the End of Days, a time of “ earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, mudslides, mass murder, gay weddings, plagues of locusts, explosions, epidemics, piracy at sea, Dust-Buster abortions, nuclear terrorism, condom distribution to pre-school toddlers, and widespread use of pharmaceuticals made in France” Her talk encompasses recipes, celebrity gossip, ecstatic shout-outs in bygone Aramaic tongues, inspirational songs and everything you need to know about the Christian Right. $10

Sunday, December 20th, 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Reading/Book Party for Appearances Magazine #28

Featuring: Jill Rapaport, Susan Scutti & Ron Kolm and Hosted by Jim Feast

Writers Bios:

Jill S. Rapaport is a writer of fiction and nonfiction prose, as well as plays, essays, poems and songs. Her work has been published in a number of literary magazines and anthologies including Found Object, Global City Review, Resister, Lungfull!, the St. Marks Poetry Project Newsletter, Red Shift, the National Poetry Magazine of the Lower East Side, Milk, IKON, Red Tape, Sensitive Skin, New Observations, and others. Rapaport has read at St Marks Poetry Project, the Public Theater, Nuyorican Poets Café, Teachers and Writers, the Knitting Factory, the Ear Inn, the Fales Library, ABC No Rio, La Mama, CBGB's Gallery, and other places in New York and elsewhere.

Susan Scutti only writes when she feels like it. Despite this lack of ... whatever, she has published a collection of short stories, The Renaissance Began with a Muted Shade of Green, two novels, Second Generation, and A Kind of Sleep, and a chapbook, We Are Related. She manages the blog: #

Ron Kolm is one of the founding members of the Unbearables literary collective, and an editor of several of their anthologies; Crimes of the Beats, Help Yourself! and The Worst Book I Ever Read. He is also the co-author, with Jim Feast, of Neo Phobe, and the author of the Plastic Factory and Welcome to the Barbecue. Kolm’s papers were purchased by the New York University library, where they’ve been catalogued in the Fales Collection as part of the Downtown Writers Group.

These events were made possible by David Hammons, Salon 94, and Capital One Bank