Language Paintings January Show

Philip J. Hardy / Michael Gibson: Language Paintings

January 9-29, 2010

Opening Reception Saturday, January 9, 7 pm

A Gathering of the TRIBES

385 E. 3rd St. #2 New York, NY 10009 (212) 674-3778

Philip J. Hardy, “Transcendent Cars”, oils on canvas, 30”x20”, 2008.

Michael Gibson, “Green Ideas Sleep Furiously”, 36”x24”, oils on canvas, 2009

Two one-room exhibitions of painters who engage with words without including them in the image. Hardy uses an illustrative style that frustrates meaning, taking on the colloquial and making referentless parables. Gibson deconstructs visual semiotics, combining collage with observational painting.

This exhibition is made possible by Salon 94, David Hammons, and Capital One

For more information, contact / (310) 617-3366