January Calendar

Current Show: Language PaintingsPhilip J. Hardy / Michael Gibson: Closing Party January 27th 6:30 pm Two one-room exhibitions of painters who engage with words without including them in the image. Hard uses an illustrative style that frustrates meaning, taking on the colloquial and making referentless parables. Gibson deconstructs visual semiotics, combining collage with observational painting. Potluck Birthday Bash at Tribes for YUKO OTOMO’s 60th! Saturday, January 16 3:00 pm 3 pm onward * bring food or drink * wear something red Bring a creative offering All Day Music & Poetry Readings

John Fudala Improvised Musical Theater Benefit for Tribes Suggested $5 donation Refreshments offered Friday January 22, 7-10 p.m. Performance 8-9 p.m. Doris Lo, John Fudala, Lucas Klauss, Cody Raisig , Luke Meginsky, Ann Doherty-Hardbattle, Brian McCarthy , Anne Stesney, Angie Martin, and Special Guests Musical accompaniment by Tyler Cash

Tribes Gallery and Will McEvoy presents

Night of Near Music Miss(il)es

Donations to the space gracefully demanded. Play, Drink, discuss and hang. Look forward to it!! BRING SOMEONE ALONG, we’re sure they’ll have a good time.


Dustin Carlson says : "I am very excited to announce the debut of a new ensemble! - a double double bass quartet featuring Will McEvoy n' Sean ‘lockjaw’ Ali- Bass, Brad Henkel trumpet, and myself on guitar. "We are but rhinoceroses being chased by dumptrucks."


Cal Folger Day – guitar and voice (bluesfolkgarde)

"Cal Folger Day was born and partly raised in our great nation's capital city. Now, in garretts and barrooms, she strums, whacks, hoots and hollers for congregations of customers most nights of the week. She'll release her first E.P. and tour the East Coast in March."


Jackie Skrzynski / Hila Sela Blood and Love: The Ties That Bind Exhibition from January 30th-February 27th Opening reception January 30th 6-9pm. Staged Reading February 20th 7-9pm The artists sharing their hearts with us this month at Tribes commit a rare act of optimism. They describe love. Parent, child, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend. These relationships of blood and love create ties that can be stretched to the point of breaking, or redoubled to a strength that lasts generations. Each of these artists holds an ultimately hopeful view of love, but they skirt sentimental notions of archetypal relationships.

*These events were made possible by David Hammons, Salon 94, Capital One Bank* www.tribes.org*