A Lost and Found Art Show

August 2010 / with the annual Charlie Parker Festival

Reception with performances by Emily Hultman and her band, and Zachary King

Saturday August 14 7pm-10pm

A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery

285 E 3rd St. Second Floor New York 10009

LES/East Village, between Aves C and D near the F, L and 6 lines

thumbabyandfriends This August, we celebrate how a gallery has become an orphanage for lost art. The makers rejected their object offspring, forgot them, or mostly simply hoped this gallery could give them better, or gave in kind. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, epochs and climates, the objects attract questions about context and absurdity, and evidence many years of Tribes history. The abandoned pieces themselves draw away from the common notion of artists’ ownership and intent and rather forces an understanding of how the collective unconscious, intentional or not, can bring new appreciation for such works once placed in a home together. Each piece has its own life story to tell, and every viewer plays a large role in discovering it.

More than a few pieces remain from previous Charlie Parker Festivals, and the lively interplay of downtown styles celebrates the Bird and his generous lifestyle.  The outcome of living for the sake of one’s art, whatever it may be, and pushing the boundaries of what that art can be, becomes most brilliantly weird in the periphery.

Works will be available for silent auction, prices based on whatever information was kept with the piece.  At least one room will be all $0 to start, with $1 bid increments.  Come help them reclaim their history and give them a loving home.  Includes work by Chris Twomey, Hilary Maslon, and Emilio Cruz. Sales benefit Tribes.

Curated by Janet (Janet@Bruesselbach.com) and Ana (ambezanilla@yahoo.com)