Troubadours and Fools

Troubadours and Fools: An Evening SoiréeSaturday, July 31st, 7pm-9pm Free, donations welcome giovanni1.jpg Richard Wagner coined the term “Gesamtkunstwerk” to describe a synthesis of the arts, or total art, which is a union of all artistic expression. In this modern era the body and soul of art has been reduced to a commodity that often serves a purpose aimed at little more than financial gain. The “Troubadour” and the “Fool” are personalities often attributed to the true artist who struggles against contemporary society’s commercial vision of art. giovanni2.jpg It is our pleasure to extend an invitation to attend a night of music, dance, projection images, canvas art, storytelling, fine food and drink. Our little Soirée looks to create a satisfying evening of the senses through community among artists and enthusiasts, as it is our view that one cannot be had without the other. Imagine if you will, the sketches of a Jazz composition as it is given breath by the musicians conceiving of and performing the piece. Each artist plays off of the feeling and creativity of the others to paint a canvas of deep emotion and expression while the tie that holds the piece together is the “head” or the compositional theme. With “Troubadours and Fools” as the head for the evening, a collection of artists will attempt to create a performance that lives completely in the moment.

Presented by Charley Crockett & Zachary Kangas Tribes Gallery 285 East 3rd Street, 2nd Floor NYC 10009