8pm Swirm and Premoticon tour ending Tribes throwback party With Will McEvoy!!!

July 9th
Swirm and Premoticon tour ending Tribes throwback party!!!
Will McEvoy was a musical curator at Tribes for nearly three years.  He is finally making a return for what will certainly be a throwback to the music programming that made Tribes a downtown staple.  Known for riotous improv, a loose and exciting performance space, and top notch performers with an audience right ontop of the action byob late night hang style.
Swirm-Brad Henkel (trumpet) and Dave Grollman (percussion). More sounds out of two instruments than you'd imagine.  spoken text, screeches and scratches.  When people talk about pushing the limits of an instrument its a walk in the park compared to what these two do.  You kind of have to see it to hear it to believe it.
Premoticon Patrick Breiner (tenor sax) Will McEvoy (doublebass) The sound is really wrapped up in the two folds of air winding together.  These two stretch to play songs, sometimes completely synched up and sometimes in the most ugly-beautiful way. Dischordant harmony is a great way to sum it up.  Furiously fast and pulsing, sometimes almost stagnant to draw out a nice moment as long as possible.