Phrenology by Amiri Baraka


A phrenologist told me

New York City, The Apple

S'gottta killer bump

on its head,

its pale and bloody

poisons with lead!


So he gave me a formula

To get rid of this bump

He sd this is the only thing

Save you from dying like

A chump.





(Could be solo, or duo, or group, different accents

& occasionally in Spanish, Creole, Yiddish, Caribbean , e.g., Jamaican accents,

at the same time, or serially)


Gather all the people Giuliani has hurt

They should slap him forty one times

with forty one sticks , forty one bats,

on his bald head or across his hat.


Let 41 wolves attack him and a poison snake wrap him

forty one coils around his neck

Then let these animals bite and infect him

until he shows humans he

respects them


But don't nobody kill him

Keep him alive, every morning at 4am

Wake him up and start again.


Forty one blood tests

Forty one needles

Forty one pills

Forty one enemas

Forty one baths

Forty one questions

On forty one pads

Asked by 41 psychopaths.


Then each of the forty one, set fire to his hair.

Let it burn until its put out

By some one who cares


Workers of all nationalities,

should drag him  from the Gracie Mansion to Diallo's home. Drag by his feet with his head on the street

like the people did IL Duce in Rome


Keep him naked until he confesses

Give everything he  got to the needy

Even his dresses


Choke him, nearly smoke him

But please don't kill him, keep him alive


Sick people commit suicide to escape the pain

But Giuliani got to experience the whole agonia

Again and again


Summon All the Aids patient's and

When he's on his knees

gather round Giuliani and give him the disease.


Let the unemployed kick him

With all deliberate speed

And the squeegee brothers

Squeegee him till he bleed


Tie his Dishonor to a tree in front of city hall

So every one of his victims families and friends

Can make Forty one ass-whipping calls


Giuliani needs to be peed on every forty one seconds

By forty one of his victims friends and Giuliani own depraved men


Tie him to killer cops and set them all on fire

But don't let him die, just let him cry.


Giuliani must be punctured

With 41 shots

The 19 that hit Diallo

And the 22

That did not



Get forty one loud speakers and have them repeat

"Even most white people hate you",

for every forty one pieces Of the bastard to reach the street.



Commit his ass

To an asylum for the criminally insane

Surround him with maniacs

And make him explain


Lock  him in  the hyena cage

At Bronx  zoo

Cover him with zoo dirt

And elephant doo doo


Let him sleep outside

Like the homeless he abused

On something nasty and wet

With no coat and no shoes


He should be sentenced

For murder one two three and four

Manslaughter, assault, extortion


Hit and run, conspiracy,  fleeing the scene

Forgery, B&E

Impersonating a Human Being,

Vice, corruption , fraud and prostitution

Aggravated lewdness, violation of civil rights

And grand larceny, confidence

And protection rackets, Rico statute

On his jacket,  serial  bias crimes, misuse of the mails,

Malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance and

Criminal ugliness, sexual perversion, jaywalking

And lying while talking.



Giuliani's attributes & aliases)

( Each  one Shouted by a "crowd" from

different locations)


Dog Dick Pus

Ugly wound

Saber tooth gonococcus

Shaitan's underwear

The Bad Breath of Iblis

The Devil's Gas

Dahmer's Successor


White Death

Black Death

Murder Man

Death Jam

Mayor NAZI


Insane Killer

Rudy Maniac

Murder Beast



City Hall Hitler

The Ice Man

Killer Rudy

Rudy Death

Rudy The Ripper

Crazy Rudy

Doo Doo Brain

Giuliani De Sade

Grand Dragon of The Apple

Mayor Murderer


Alcalde Diablo

Der Rathaus Teufel

Mayor Muerte

Serial Assassin


A Peoples’ Organization is   offering a huge reward

The happiness of millions,

to any person or  persons

to capture Giuliani, make a Citizen's

arrest, and bring him in,

Near Dead or barely alive.

Thats the only way

the city can revive.