new nails poems by eve packer (Fly By Night Press), spr 2011

new nails  poems by eve packer (Fly By Night Press), spr 2011

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" I read a lot of your book of poems last                night...I actually had to force myself to put it    down so I'd get some sleep. Wow they are so good, brilliant... vivid, internally lush, sinewy tough beautiful and full of sensitivity...I just want to read and re-read them all." --Paola Styron

"...your work somehow transcends time passing...I read your book at one sitting and was bewitched by how you thread the personal with 'current' events and various manifestations of American culture...I'm very privileged to have participated in your continuing creation    even as an onlooker."--John O'Reilly

"Packer's book New Nails from Fly By Night Press is typical hardboiled Eve tempting the snake in the garden to come take a big bite out of all that action that happens right here in the Apple: "I am a New York Woman.Don't tell me what i can or cannot do." It also contains seven heartwrenching poems for (Noah) Howard, with lines like "skeleton hand...rack of bones...moon hacked from night."--Steve Dalachinsky