Beau Alessi presents a MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA

Beau Alessi presents a MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA Wednesday, April 11th 8:00 PM

at A Gathering of the Tribes

285 East 3rd Street, Second Floor FREE // $5 suggested donation

Come out Wednesday night for this showcase of LOCAL and/or IMPORTED MUSICIANS who will, collectively, showcase a variety of NEW AND EXCITING STYLES from all corners of the ROCK-AND-ROLL sphere:

BEAU ALESSI will be displaying his "aggressive acoustic guitar" stylings, in the service of his various story-songs about zombies and vampires and other stuff that is interesting to 8-year-olds. There will also be some PERFORMANCE/VISUAL ART ELEMENTS, possibly in the form of an OUTRAGEOUS COSTUME.

KEN MINAMI is a true rockandroll journeyman from Japan who has just finished a massive tour of the US with his band, KEN SOUTH ROCK. Ken heads back to Japan a few nights after this show, so don't miss this opportunity to see this rare acoustic performance. Ken's music creates one of the most potent mixtures of ENERGY, JOY, and EXPLOSIVE ROCK AND ROLL POWER that you will experience on this continent or any other.

RAYVON BROWNE is the musical vessel for the weird and wonderful folk(ish) songs of MORGAN HERINGER and CAL FOLGER DAY. These two play a variety of ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS and OLD TIMEY COVER SONGS, augmented by a wide selection of under-respected instruments (mandolin, ukelele, melodica, vibraslap) and BIZARRE, PRECARIOUSLY HIGH-PITCHED, BEAUTIFUL HARMONY SINGING.

ST. LENNOX is just your average singer-songwriter, except he uses an IPHONE instead of an ACOUSTIC GUITAR. And he is also IMMENSELY MORE TALENTED than your average singer-songwriter. He's managed to make electronic music that isn't cold or alienating; instead his songs crackle and pop with the exciting kinetics that recall the VERY ESSENCE OF HUMANITY ITSELF. With perfect pitch.