Molly Ruth April 8th at 5pm


On April 8th, 2012, Molly Ruth will be performing songs from her forthcoming debut LP, Birth Against the Nation. She sings about animals, incest, fear, glory, murder, god, honor, blasphemy, tragedy, fervor, frenzy, longing, dreams, deserts, pain, devotion, crossroads, blood, birds, minds, time, and war. She will be performing alone with an acoustic guitar.
Jackson Lynch, after having wintered in northern Alberta with the Count Abyrnethy of Flatbush, has now descended from the galleries of outrageous glamour to bestow us with his glowing blues.
Lorraine Leckie is a no-nonsense singer/songwriter whose music combines honest, heartfelt poetry with beautiful, simple melodies, all performed with an attitude that's hard as nails and barely concealing of an aching vulnerability just below the surface. A native of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, Lorraine grew up surrounded by the music of Neil Young and Hank Williams, both of whom she claims as strong influences. She began writing poetry at a young age and was eventually drawn to make music when more and more people suggested she turn her poems into songs.
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