East Village Eye Channeling the Dead


October 6th / 7 PM / Free

Readings of works by seminal writers Kathy Acker, Cookie Mueller, Rene Ricard, David Wojnarowicz, Jesse Bernstein and (too many) others. Readers include Bob Holman, Max Blagg, Carl Watson, David Huberman, David Katz, Leonard Abrams and others. Hosted by Bob Holman

The East Village Eye provided a home for some of the most important writers of the times. Fueled by a collaborative spirit and easy socializing among the painters, writers, filmmakers, poets, musicians and unclassifiable artists, this disparate group was influential in the extreme—the voice of a generation that set the tone for a fervent assault on the existing order. Bent on changing the rules, ruminating on oppressive politics and social order, and exploring the explosion of artistic expression in the 1980s, they produced lasting works amidst an environment of burnt-out buildings, drugs, and the spectre of AIDS.Hosted by Bob Holman; other readers to be announced.

Image: Design by David Allen