Do you do cocaine? Have you ever tried it? Don’t lie. Molly? E? how about weed? Nothing wrong wit alil puff puff pass to help the time past right? Alchohol? Cigarettes? Ok now that you’ve been honest(lml) let me get to the point. Someone once told me you cant be so eager to change the world without understanding it 1st so every chance I get I try to get a better understanding of the consciousness of the people in my environment & people from other regions & cultures to develop a well rounded interpretation of the information I gather from various perspectives. I notice too often that most people form their opinions of another persons moral fiber based upon automatic systematic prejudices imbued upon our phsyche from generation to generation by way of colonization, conformity & tactical acts of terror promoted by the media to manipulate the emotions of the masses & use fear to control perception shapeing our reality & how we relate. How we set judgement. Determine status in society & form classism. In this life we all find ways to cope & pick our poison which in all reality is just the lesser of @ evils. If I do cocaine from time to time but I get up every day & go to work, pick my kids up from school, help with homework, make sure dinner is cooked, house clean etc….but on the other hand you have someone that smokes weed but is unmotivated to work, neglects their childrens educational progression & emotional development, house a mess basically irresponsible with priorities out of order. Now you tell me how do you determine who has higher morale or principle? How do you determine who would be more inclined to tell the truth or lie under pressure? Steal? Remain loyal or be dishonorable? By their drug of choice? 1 thing I always consider & you should too (just a suggestion) is realize everything in life is cause & effect so its not always what you do but why you do it & how you do it. I don’t advocate any drug use but I don’t condem anyone for how they choose to cope with this life cuz to keep it 1,000 we all just winging it tryna figure it out as we go. My main point is judge the way you wanna be judged & love the way you wanna be loved. I know you heard it b4 but basically just treat people the way you wanna be treated.

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