Kuso by Flying Lotus

If you've never heard of Kuso an independent film by rapper turned movie maker Flying Lotus, you're not alone. The movie is a niche film that has become a gross fascination for independent film lovers and free spirit creatives. Prior to watching the film, I read several reviews that made me think that this film might be something I will never forget. I was not wrong.

Experimental Hip-Hop Producer Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison self-produced and funded the film. He took a back door approach to comedy that was slow out of the gate and overshadowed by the gross storylines, sexual innuendo, bodily fluids and hard to watch scenes.

Kuso is set in a post earthquake Los Angeles. It has a Sci-Fi element with acne filled skin, TV updates and mentions of weird deaths and destruction everywhere.

During the first 20 minutes of the film, it’s tough to keep watching. There is a long opening that includes the news which tells the viewers that after all of the events in Los Angeles, they’re doomed and no one can help them. The film is filled with odd looking people, animation and storylines too tough to follow.

There is an odd love scene that goes on for a long time with lots of bodily fluids flying everywhere. Some may find it funny, while other viewers might want to skip dinner until after viewing this film.

The sensitivity to gross descriptions, noise and fluids could be a lot for some. I found myself covering my eyes numerous times throughout watching Kuso. As I watched the film, I questioned the writing. I assumed there was no storyline until an hour into watching the film.

Watching Kuso is painful for those who long for a partially normal story and scenes that won't make you sick. Kuso plays out worse than bad animation produced on the Cartoon Network.

I would recommend this film for a 13-year-old boy who still loves playing video games, watching gross sights and has began the process of the nightly female fantasies.

In conclusion, watch Kuso by Flying Lotus at your own risk. Be prepared for a gross experience and a long story. If you're easily offended gross fluids, by sexual tones, religious questions and abortion, you may want to skip this one and wait for a more traditional comedy that gets straight to the point and goes for the laugh before the audience is ready to walk away. I commend the filmmaker for doing something different. Next time I hope Flying Lotus thinks more about his audience than his own film fantasy.