The Other Side of Nature’s Consciousness


As I gazed the length and breadth of nature’s creations,

i saw the upper and lower identities of its limitation.

I asked, “Are my eyes seeing the right vision?”

A voice whispered: “That’s your perception”

“Perception?!” became the wondering question

When I took a closer look at all of nature’s variations,

my consciousness took to the following observations:

The upper identities of nature’s limitations are positives

The lower identities of nature’s limitations are negatives

As I treaded the path of understanding in carefulness,

the same voice opened up: “ Welcome to the other side of nature’s consciousness”



“First”, the voice said to me, “I will explain the upper identities”

I excused my lame senses

to listen to the voice’s tenses

“The sun has all available energy varieties…

The earth and all her inhabitants use its power to build their edifice

The plants use the energy in their guises and give humanity a life-hold as a sacrifice. But…”

“But what?” I asked, wanting to know in eagerness.

It said: “Welcome to the other side of nature’s consciousness”



“Now to the other part, these are what I have to say” the voice sounded

“The sun’s power had been so wrongly illuminated

that the earth’s inhabitants were destroyed

The knowledge about Nature had been negatively reversed

that the earth became hell-revisited

The plants consequently became poisoned

that man became what animals on-preyed

The LIVE of nature had been made to be dependent on EVIL committed.

that it would be impossible to tell you the uncomprehend!”

“What is it?” I hastily asked.

“The other side of Nature’s consciousness” the voice replied.