Seeking My Revolutionary Generation


Where are you? Who are you? Which path did you take when you left us here alone? Why did the grass look greener? How could you run when we needed you? These and many more questions are asked by those who stayed the course. Just because you got a job and started to grow up and accept the establishment's values of what life should be didn't mean you had to abandon the moral fiber of who you once were. Assimilation into a society that put blinders on your eyes, denying the movement as though you were never apart of it, surely doesn't let your spirit rest when you remember the cause that you so fervently loved. There was a time when words were louder than actions and peace was our banner that moved like fire across a country. Who fooled you? Who coerced you into thinking you were wrong and they were right? These are questions that I am seeking as I look for the revolutionary generation that still burns in my inner being.

I do not and will not let someone run my life with an iron hand and I will not let them escape from the deceit that envelops their souls. There was a day when my generation stood for something special. A liberation of social injustice and a quenching of traditional views that bordered insanity. Do we forget that the hatred of the color of a man's skin was transitioning and many were influenced by our cause. Do we forget that the injustice against the poor was slowly but surely getting better. The advantaged were starting to be held accountable for wealth that was acquired illegally. We let them slip away because our numbers dwindled and forbid the thought that the temptation of unwarranted wealth slipped into the being of those who were wavering.

In a time capsule a letter is placed and the state of the union is captured for future generations to read. Who wrote those letters? Who analyzed those ideas and said that this is the way it is at this moment in time? One can only wonder. Denial of the present leads the future to a lie. Questions won't or can't be answered because those who ask them are gone. They are hidden in a society weakened by the powerful and the takers. Where is giving gone? Where is truth when you need it so badly? Where is peace when those that are supposedly protesting for it don't understand the meaning of it? It is and never has been a show for the media. The enemy of a true movement is the translation by someone who is not an integral part of the cause.

In the late '60s in an isolated part of the world, in lower Arkansas, I accepted the fight for freedom. I saw a country that was letting our soldiers die at any cost just as long as the war made the economy better. I lost a friend to the misled ideas of warfare that was delegated from the top all the way to the jungles of Vietnam. I talked to people who were seasoned military and they confirmed the wicked plan to prolong a war that should have been over. Questions, damn right I have questions. Where are you? How insensitive have you become as you wave your flag and speak of patriotism while condoning the terrible plight of immigrants. The separating of families continues while you sit in your fine home with plenty. The democracy has failed. The time for real change is here. Change that allows the poor to have a chance. Change that allows all families an equal opportunity for success. If allowed the inherent right of change, the right people can fix this problem. All problems are manageable and all broken promises can be mended. A new system put into place will end the complacency that exist in the aisles of Congress. New agendas will replace broken sentences that have become outdated within the book of rules. Time has changed and people need to step up and demand new standards of government.

Where are you? Who are you? Can you resend and once again belong to the cause? Can you swallow your pride and share your passion and knowledge to those who desperately need to know how to bring about change? They have the passion. They have the means. They lack the truth. They know not peace. They deliver themselves to slaughter when they could, through dialogue, succeed. As I seek my revolutionary generation, will you stand so I can see you. Wave your freak flag and let it fly high. Once again we will meet on the peaceful plains of solace and harmony. People of all ages wearing flowers in their hair. Everyone holding hands and marching towards the future with security and a belief that change can and will come. Imagine, just imagine.❤