History Becomes Her Story (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins Joe Crowley’s 14th district)

If history repeats itself then the story of conquering Hernan Cortes is on the shelf while pol, Joe Crowley‘s hunkering down. She’d said she wouldn’t back the candidate if she should entertain defeat, but campaigned like a potentate, as capable as she seemed sweet. Constituents may have perceived a cavalryman of Aztec lore whose second head’s the tote she heaved across her shoulder. This she bore like ammunition that she’d need to bring her standing up to speed. Since the only beasts with 2 heads were some couples making love, Cortez rode trains traversing Queens instead of riding horses to contest her district’s long incumbent pol. Maybe voters - re the Me Too movement - saw Quetzalcoatl in this recruit who bravely slew the Montezuma of her ward with flair. Perhaps Joe’s corporate-fed incumbency and leaning toward commercial donors slowly bled his office. But mostly she won for the grass roots work her district needed done.