2 Poems

the younger woman

is probably an athlete,
or dancer--tall, slim easy
in her limbs as she rubs
all over lotion--the only
item on her body--a string
hanging from her vagina--
tampax, or tampon or
whatever--i envy not just
the ease, the malleability
of limbs but the string, 
the period, those days and
nights between when no
guy cld get enuf and the deep fury
when the guys scared of blood  won't


you can

walk by the water
on this sunny day
you can gaze at the
water, you can
stroll as the sky
slips from big blue
to grey you wish only
to be in the swim, the chlorine, 
batting not the winds of pre-spring
or chatting with the earth
people, but flipping your torso,
yr legs, yr arm over arm\thru
liquid space til you hit
the wall and back and over
and over til done--then that
moment when your feet, yr face
still in the blue but soon you
will be poolside and totally
out of synch this is not
the real world anymore,
not to you