NYC Subway Poem

Fun now
to take the late train in the evening
Sort of an evening out
even if one is going home.
All sorts along for the trip
from the city to the boroughs
interrupted though sometimes
by repairs and delays.

Fun to wait sometimes
at West 4th Street
with some of the unusual
a good place to transfer
even if one is too old, now.
Maybe one can meet an old friend
or someone not yet a stranger
to say hello for a minute
to someone who is on their way
elsewhere, who does not
find you too strange.

What one does them-self
they might also be doing for others.
Exercising in these rebellions
for others also. Talking. 

What sights to see here along these
train trips. One can see
the Statue of Liberty from the F
And the grand city scape outside
Out over on water on bridge
back and forth to the city
on the Q.

Fascinating art with
people trying to connect
to fishes at Delancey
Wonderful creatures
near the natural history museum
Strange gold and copper
figures and creations at 14th….

The trains are taking
all of interesting people
someplace near.
Some though in trouble.
Some giving free music
One might not need
or prefer a book
while the train rumbles