Two Poems

Paint brushes

how many times my mind wanders, 
Journeys, to thoughts of you
Memories that at times fail me
Faded and blurred by the busy life I live
How many times I think of what you might say, 
The advice you might give
For questions that went unasked
For happenings you're not here to witness
What would you say? 
Can I hear it in the wind? 
Is that you in sudden inspiration? 
What words might you offer? 
To illuminate some truth
When my own words are confused
One artist to another
A heart like my own
Misjudged, misunderstood
But never by you
In your brush strokes to paper
In my words scribbled in ink
One artist to another
A heart like my own
How many times my mind wanders
To the echoing voice I recall
Wanting never to lose its permanence,
To thoughts of you


The Moon, The Sun and Stars

Maybe when we met we weren't ready
Not fully aware of our own need for growth
And time
But kindred souls know nothing of time
Connection transcending rules of engagement
Ignoring advice of all self healing quotes
Maybe when we met we already knew
It had to be me
It had to be you
Through fire
Through rain
Through laughter
Through pain
The evolution of great love
And now we are family
Now we are less flesh and more heart
you are the mornings peering through my window
The sun who beckons me to rise
I am the moon resting in your skies
The stars you wish upon at night