7 year bitch

Every where I go
Voila! There I am. 

Making a mess. 

Can't even give a compliment
Without pissing off
Some insecure housewife.

Cristine, get off facebook
And try living one day in the shoes
Of the single mom you criticized
For accidentally keeping your
Good china over the holidays

And I actually don't really know why
You said you hated that
C word but
This is the best way
that I can convey
That yeah I'm glad
we don't "resonate" 
Not because most of your friends
Have me blocked
Or because you need a meme
To articulate your feelings
But because I have absolutely no love
For anyone who would ever dare
To make a single mom's life
More challenging than it
Already is. 

Is this downloading for you

Or should I record every conversation
I've ever had with every manager
Who fired me when I was 14 weeks
Who threatened to fire me

In front of my 4 month old daughter 

Oh and Russ, 
I still have those screen shots
From that skype conversation you thought you erased. 
You want extra unemployment
With that cobra letter?

I'm fed up with the
Fake sat nam
Guru jai
Fuck you're a mom, 
Do you want your kids
To think it's ok
To steal a husband
and break up a family?
But we're all the victim
We're all the hand grenade
Wearing a make America great again

We're all doing the best we can
Until we can't do
At all.