Symbols of tarot

Lay out their meaning to be deciphered

Collapsing hopes on paper cards

I denied any meaning

If we want things bad enough they can happen

Or so we are told such pretty lies

Cards i choose spell out comings

My heart already feels

Unwell dreams blossoming into existence

Unwell, or necessary? 

In moments of happening

We cannot be sure which form the dreams do take

Ideas have been a comforting thing to cling tight to

Falling in love with ideas

Becoming prisoner to illusions

Without dealing with the confusion

Reality springs forth

Closed eyes

Closed eyes to what was out in the open

Behind these closed doors

Behind these closed hearts, 

closed minds

The climax of events

Of events already imagined and feared

The inevitable in paper cards

In flesh and words

If you want something bad enough, your will sees you to obtain

Such pretty lies

My will no match for destiny

Destiny spoken to me in the cards of Tarot

No saints nor sinners

Just simple humans

Giving and taking as much as we know how

Prisoner to our flesh

Chained to the limits it fruitfully does impose

Shackled to dreams Disney fairy tales told

No sinners or saints

Just the lessons learned

And roads to travel

Symbols, Sinners, Saints

To think we could have it all

And nothing between us both

Evolving into memories we shall

Keep as we grow old

In kindness or disdain

On deathbeds to recall

Photographs of kisses, of hands clasped tight

Images of gritted teeth, vengeful plotting in mind

Tender moments in late hours

under crisp stars in shadowed night

of dreams merging

of getting high

Losing and Loving, perhaps, 

is to have it all

And so we did

Maybe pretty little lies

are true after all