On My Ex-lover’s Birthday

Every day is an anniversary of something.

The longer you live, the more there is

to celebrate and

to mourn.


Today, the celebration of your 79 years,

a long time yes, still more to come.

Reflecting on the energy you have radiated,

all you’ve heard, seen, known,

acknowledged and blessed with your attention,

viewed with those deep brown eyes of yours,

on your travels through so many realms.

Inspiring, loving, with your heart mind words

constructing with the utmost care

images, designs, visions of what you find,

of what really is and what might be,

to capture attention,

to radiate light.


I mourn for those warm brown eyes,

I may never see again.

Never see my image reflected

with love in those deep brown pools.

Never  again to be the day to day

focus of your profound attention.

Never to hear the variations of your voice,

or your laugh,

my favorite laugh.


Yes every day is an anniversary of something.

Often we forget what has been on this day

Today your birthday is alive for me still.

Someday I won’t remember it.

Forgetting to acknowledge, to celebrate

my truest love,

my former love,

my long ago love.