"Our Lady"

"Our Lady"


Somewhere the bell tolls yet the Lady stands so tall

She stands the test of time as a testament to us all

Wars have come and gone but she never seems to fall

She welcomes one and all in defiance to a border wall


Our liberties are taken for granted by so many these days

Happiness, hope, and peace are slowly slipping away

Apathy and hate take their place and lead some astray

The Lady in the harbor still stands tall and she'll never go away


In her right hand is a torch to guide others to our land

She holds the book of independence firmly in her other hand

Broken chains at her feet means our freedoms will always stand

She's still remains the symbol that nobody will ever be banned


Our Lady in the Harbor shines so bright through the darkest night

We can rest assured that forever she will always shine so bright

A world that sees her as their hope and their only way

She will forever weather the storms that test her everday