I stare at painted ceilings

I stare at painted ceilings, I stare at parting clouds

Confined to thoughts of interchanging forms

Your skin and cheeks when you walked through my elementary school doors

Determined to not let sickness stop you

Warrior goddess—Mother

I stare into space, I stare into skies

Awaiting answers that never come

Like fairytales promised in book pages

Only limited language for limitless loss

 A surreal surrender to a dreamlike state

A numbing pause in both my hands and feet

Confined to pictures of you busy over stoves

Of your legs carrying you even when pain held you captive

Warrior goddess—Mother

I stare into mirrors, I stare into dirt

My Motions and movement unaccompanied

Body moves and mind does not follow

I now split in two

Dream and denial

Confined to memories of your form resting on couches

Of your lips wet against my face

Of finding smiles in darkened corners

Facing every day that came

Warrior goddess—Mother