Fat Bellied Pig

It stung that day

to overhear a woman complaining

about a fat bellied pig

to another in the park

as I walked by 

not minding my business.

First of all 

if there were no pigs

women would not be

able to cook as much food.

They might also

have to eat a man’s cooking.

Not every guy wants to

take a cooking class.

And there are

a lot of women with

people they call pigs.

Harder for the nobler

in mind, who is on 

to progressive challenges 

and adventures.

We need worry to an extent

that we are getting 

too dumb to agree to reproduce.


You get a second telling

poem in this:


One need 


that cooking 

for oneself

is different 

than doing 

one’s share

of the cooking. 



Returning on that Midnight Plane from Georgia


Georgia was I think great

and different with 

a voice I could not always hear fully

and understand in strangers. 


All sorts of differences there

Walking in the streets

at the hotel

Talking to food service workers.


Though I made it there early

There was a long wait at security

and at the gate, with delays,

On the midnight plane back from Georgia.


Could have had the time

for other things and 

to stop at the MLK NPS house.

Simpler times, elsewhere, maybe.