Good Bye My Dear Old Friend

Let’s face it

Nothing is cruelty free

Especially when that bitch on Facebook 

Piped up and replied

“This reply to your reply is cruelty free!”

I see you Sistar

I can hear your mockingbird tales take off

As quick as my daughter’s father could get 

Himself committed.

This is the longest poem 

I’ve written since she was born

I’m sorry I have brain damage 

From lack of sleep, malnutrition

And over working

In simple terms

I’m drowning

It’s true, ya can’t swim 

If you're flipping everyone the bird

But sometimes you gotta be bad to get good.

It’s not an equation. Just common sense.

I always have to go back to the question

What would an Asshole do? 

And the first thing that comes to mind 

Is nothing

An asshole would do absolutely nothing.

He would smoke a bowl

Sit in a chair

Grow his hair long and wear black 

Like a shadow of a man

Eating away at

A tempered woman 

Who shatters 

At the slightest 

Memory of a


We once knew.