American dream

DREAMTIME STORY by Bridie Piwarski

DREAMTIME STORY by Bridie Piwarski 11/19/1922 - 1/21/2014

One night I dreamed that I had entered
Into the All That Is
The world was asleep, but I was awake,
And it seemed that I had somehow
Just sneaked up on Everything.
And I saw, in some All-Knowing Light
Sacred dormitories, where dinosaurs
Were dreaming and I felt the pause
Of an ageless pulse, and the phasing in
And the phasing out of everlasting evolutions.
Whether I was astral traveling, or surfing
The Sea of Profundity, I do not know,
But oh how I need to share my Dreamtime Story
With those who continue to claim as their own

Nano parts of infinity.


The biodome has evolved here in America, expanding itself, encasing all in our society. This time, instead of using plastic to protect the interior environment from inclement weather, the media blithely plasters up billboards for the next unoriginal Hollywood remake, blinding the masses with bling to protect the status quo. Within this bubble, American dream obsessions with wealth makes it difficult for the individual to comprehend that stupendous amounts of wealth can only be accumulated and maintained by carefully subjugating another individual to extreme poverty and anguish.