Quran Complimenting Talmud

"Whosoever kills a human being … it is as if he has killed all of mankind, and of he saves a human being, he has saved all of mankind." (Quran 5:32)

a.) those sons-a-bitches stole it from us;

b.) a remark from the rabbis was taken up and revealed as holy literature;

From a.) we can derive the idea of thievery and from b.) the ideas that the Holy One teaches good doctrinaires.

The media likes to dally with images of problematics because problems sell papers. Thus, as a result its ion tree best indents to see Islam as a problem. But not Islamic people as what we understand as human beings -- and we would all benefit from asking one of these people to help us with our related problematics. 

If we see others as possible and potential allies, we need not spread  hatred far, and waste money on weapon, which could better be spent on deeds which benefit rational creative activity which is the ultimate benefit to human kind.